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have not done a Top Ten Beers before, one reason is, that although I am qualified to make my own Top Ten of my favorite beers, I have not tried enough beers from any particular country to make a definitive list. Saying that, I can list some of the beers that I have had from France, not necessarily in the order that I liked them and not necessarily best. Obviously this list is to my taste, the beers I liked and many may disagree with my choice but that is the beauty of beer drinking. Find more info on Casamigos UK here.

The French are experts at making those easy to drink lagers, lagers that are best served very cold on very hot days (just what you need on holiday in France), and many UK supermarket own brand lagers are brewed in France, so I think the best of these need a mention. I also though it would be nice, to include a mention of the other beers I like that are widely available throughout France, together with a warning of the beers I would not buy again over there.

Messagea limpid and crystalline pale ale, with a bouquet of honey, reminding a touch of citrus fruits. Gluten-free beer.
4.7 % alcohol

Message Red Ale a gluten free rice and buckwheat beer with a delicate, woodsy taste.
5 % alcohol

Message Milleta gluten free malted millet lager beer.
4 % alcohol

Our Beers

Ambree de Sarrasin a clear sparkling light copper beer, crowned by a thick and long tasting head of small bubbles.
5 % alcohol

Blonde depeautre a clear and bright golden ale tending to orange
and the effervescence created by the bubbles gives it a spicy taste.
5 % alcohol

Claire Fontaine a rice and barley ale. It is pale, sparkling and refreshing.
4.5 % alcohol

Nouvelle-France Rouge a barley malt beer with a hint of citrus and hazelnut.
4.5 % alcohol